Packing House

John Robert Field cleaned, graded, sorted, and boxed citrus in a packing house he built on the homestead in 1900.


The structure was used primarily from 1900-1930, and worked solely with fruit produced on the Field property. By comparison, the neighboring town of Indianola all shared a town Packing House, connected to shared groves by rail system. The town’s Packing House was built on a dock that extended far into the deep water of Indian River Lagoon.

Today, Field Manor’s packing house is home to many of the Field’s original grove supplies, from fruit shears, reapers, and watering cans to one of the family’s citrus sorting machines. Although it is not currently open to guests as part of our guided tours for safety reasons, visitors can still walk around the outside of the century-old structure while exploring the groves themselves.

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